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Welcome to the Charmel online store!


We offer high-quality materials for your creativity.

We have a large assortment. All materials in stock!

Best prices for You!

  Knitted yarn:

  • High quality knitted yarn, 100% cotton, front and back cut.
  • 3D textured bulk knitted yarn
  • Knitted yarn with prints. Rich palette of colors and drawings

Cord for knitting:

  • Cord for knitting and macrame.
  • The cord is cotton.
  • The cord is polyester.
  • Cord of different diameters without a core.
  • Cord with core.
  • Melange cords.
  • Cord series light-fine knitting cord, lighter and softer.

    Available in a large selection of colors!


Accessories for your products:

  • Leather accessories.
  • Accessories made of faux leather.
  • Wooden handle.
  • Metal chain.
  • Various metal accessories - rings, carabiners, locks, etc.
  • Wooden bottoms for products.
  • Acrylic bottoms for products.
  • Wooden bottoms for products with ornaments and drawings.


In our store there is also a decor for products, pompons made of fur, microporous rubber, tools for knitting.

We have a discount system. Promotions and great deals every week.

Delivery of orders worldwide!

We send the order within a day after payment!


     We always welcome our customers!)

     Knit with pleasure!